job training

After you receive a job offer, your new employer will want to schedule time for your orientation.  Depending on the position, you may be completing training with others in a conference room setting, or one on one job shadowing.  Regardless of the environment, the following 5 steps will ensure that you make the most of your job training experience.


  1. Come Prepared

Usually, the on boarding process is your first experience (outside of the interview) with a new company; therefore, it is important that you make a good impression and come prepared.  Arriving early, being well rested, bringing paper and a pen to take notes, and having a positive attitude will show your new employer and coworkers that you are eager to learn how to be successful in your new position.

  1. Turn off Cell Phone

Before orientation begins, turn your phone and any other devices off.  There always seems to be “that person” who forgets to turn their phone off during an important meeting, drawing attention away from the speaker.  Don’t be “that person”; instead, be the person who turns their phone off and gives their undivided attention to the person or people who are conducting the training session.

  1. Ask Questions and Actively Participate

Asking questions and being an active participant is a crucial part of the orientation process.  Throughout the session, ask questions regarding aspects of your job that you don’t understand, as well as questions to clarify the information that you are given.  After your question is answered, repeat the information in your own words in order to retain the information, show that you understand the concept, and can move forward.  Along with asking questions, you can be an active participant by remaining engaged throughout training.  You can accomplish this by taking notes, and volunteering if needed.  Instead of sitting back and observing, be an active participant and prepare yourself for the work ahead.

  1. Reflect

After a long day of learning, chances are that the information seems like a blur.  This is the perfect time to look through the notes you took, reflect on what you learned, and think about how it applies to the job you were hired for.  Do you have any more questions?  Are there areas that you still need clarified?  Coming to work the next day and asking clarifying questions is an ideal way to show your new employer that you reflected on what you learned and that you value the training that you received.

  1. Request Feedback

To wrap up your job training, request feedback from your employer once you have begun working.  This feedback will let you know if you need to review any areas that were covered in orientation or if there is more that you need to learn before you are competent in your position.  Not only will your employer appreciate the effort you are making to succeed, but requesting feedback will also demonstrate your willingness to have open communication.


Through following these 5 steps, you are sure to impress your new employer and ensure a successful start in your new position.