Is there an individual in the office who can easily be described as the “glue” or the “backbone” of the office? If there is, chances are that that person is an administrative professional, without whom the daily flow of the office would not be nearly as smooth. Unfortunately, these employees rarely receive the recognition and gratitude that they deserve. Luckily, you have a chance to express your appreciation for all that they do to keep the office running this Wednesday, April 26th, on Administrative Professionals Day.

But what do you get someone whose contributions to the office are immeasurable? Since a simple thank you card can feel inadequate (depending on your relationship with them), I have compiled a list of eight gift ideas that you can use to show your appreciation this week.


  1. Gift basket

The best gift basket that you can buy for someone is one that reflects their personality or interests. If you have noticed that your office admin enjoys tea, try finding them a tea basket. Similarly, if you have heard that they are trying to eat healthy, opt for a nice fruit basket that they can enjoy (guilt free)!


This California Delicious Sunshine Tea Gift Box can be found at


  1. Subscription

A newer trend in gift giving is subscription gifts. These gifts are perfect to make your office admin feel appreciated year round, and there is a monthly subscription for every interest. From tea to socks and my personal favorite, cookies, there’s no shortage of options!


Order your cookie subscription through Mollie B’s at


  1. Nice lunch out

Treat your administrative professional to lunch at some point throughout this week. Check to see when they are available and take them out for a nice meal. If you don’t know your office administrative professional well, this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about them!




  1. Spa morning

Encourage your administrative professional to take the morning off (or take a long lunch break) to go to the spa. Provide a gift card that lets them choose the best service for them. A nice massage and mani/pedi are sure to help them relax and enjoy their day!



  1. Gift cards

You can never go wrong with gift cards! But in order to avoid buying them a gift card that will seem generic and impersonal, think about what they would like to splurge a little on. If you have talked to them about home or garden projects that they are working on, they may enjoy a gift card to a hardware store. Or maybe you know that they enjoy going to the movie theater every weekend, in which case movie passes are just the ticket!



  1. Desk plant

Add a touch of springtime to their desk by buying a nice floral arrangement, or go a more trendy route and buy them a succulent that won’t wilt after a few days on their desk. The benefit of a desk plant such as a succulent or orchid is that it will provide them with a reminder of your appreciation all year.



  1. Desk Makeover

Since administrative professionals tend to spend a lot of time at their desks, consider getting everyone in the office to contribute to a desk makeover. Collect funds to buy a gift card to somewhere that has decorative desk supplies (Target) and give them the morning off to go and pick out items to complement their desk.



  1. Decadent goodies

If you know that your office admin have a sweet tooth, find some decadent treats to gift them this Wednesday. In Seattle, there are quite a few options to choose from; however, I would strongly recommend Fran’s Chocolates in downtown Seattle!


Find these goodies at or find a location near you!


No matter what you gift you decide to give, it truly is the thought that matters. Take into consideration their interests and likes to give it a personal touch, and don’t let this be the only time throughout the year that you remember to say thank you!