We have written before about managing your web presence, by eliminating anything that can be perceived as negative floating around through cyber space. Now we’d like to address taking the next step and actively appealing to any future employers and your existing (and hopefully expanding) professional network.

LinkedIn has become an essential component to your professional life. Hiring managers, recruiters, and your peers will all search you at some point on LinkedIn, 94% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to vet candidates. We’ve compiled a few tips on how to polish your LinkedIn presence to keep up with the current job market.

recruiters linkedin resume improvement

  1. Complete Your Profile.
  2. This means- use a photo- your profile is seven times more likely to be viewed when you have a photo attached. The running assumption is that if there isn’t a photo- there’s something wrong. Use a clean and professional photo. Don’t crop out your sorority sisters, take a selfie, or use a tiny pixilated photo. Present a photo that will allow an employer to envision you in their workplace. Fill in the details. LinkedIn is a fabulous marketing tool, so add your alma mater, work history (to match the resumes that you’re sending out), and add examples of excellent work that you’ve done.


  1. Actively Engage With Your Network
  2. Endorse people’s skills! Not only will it help you build your professional network it will also keep you fresh in people’s minds. I know that I’ll think of someone that has endorsed my social media skills before someone that I haven’t spoken to within a year. The flip side of this is that once you endorse someone they are more likely to endorse you. Your resume and skills look more valuable when you have 15 people vouching that you are talented when it comes to marketing automation.Additionally, if you write recommendations for others- if reflects nicely on you. If you demonstrate that you recognize others strengths then you must be a team-player that is easy to get along with. Finally, when it comes time to actively rely on your network (hello, mass layoffs) your peers will be more likely to actively assist in your job search when you have kept in contact with them. When you’re only reaching out in a time of need- you aren’t the most valuable contact for your network and others in your same position will end up being their priority.


  1. Go Beyond Your Profile.
    Join groups in your area. This is a great platform for you to make connections. It is always beneficial to be growing your network and you can go beyond your industry. Your U.S. marketing group could give you great ideas for you next project and the Seattle Seahawks Fan group will link you up with nearly 3,000 local professionals. In addition to groups, you can also use LinkedIn to communicate. By sending a message through LinkedIn you’re inviting people to take a deeper look into your professional history. Instead of throwing your resume into the endless sea that is a recruiters’ inbox- you can invite them to spend more time really looking into you. By connecting with them on this platform you give them more information than a traditional resume and invite them to envision you in their next available position.

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