Did you know that Business Talent Solutions was a “People Love Us On Yelp” Award Recipient for 2016?  The “People Love Us On Yelp” award originated in 2007 and has since been given to businesses on Yelp that receive a certain number of glowing reviews from trusted reviewers in addition to meeting an undisclosed set of criteria.  For BTS, there’s no better way to go into Valentine’s Day than feelin’ the love from candidates who have taken the time to write us an award inspiring review on Yelp.  Since Valentine’s Day was this week and people everywhere are expressing their love, I thought that it would be fun to find out what people love about their experiences with Business Talent Solutions.


They love our response time!

“I worked with a lot of recruiters representing different agencies in Seattle over the last few months, but I can say with confidence that Dana was the most reliable with communication. I applied for a competitive position via their website on Monday, met with Dana on Tuesday, interviewed with the company on Thursday, and began working a great, full-time position the following Monday. This is probably not the norm timing wise, but Dana worked hard to communicate with my now employer on my behalf.”

-Ben B.  from Seattle, WA


“She (Connie) got me into the office right away and contacted me soon after with an offer to interview for my current position.”

-Gabrielle C. from Seattle, WA


They love our level of investment in their success!

“Before each interview, Laurel prepped me and gave me her insight, knowledge and experience on the position I was applying for. I have never felt so confidant going into an interview because of Laurel’s assistance beforehand.”

-Jennifer K from Long Beach, CA


 “Before each interview Dana took the time to call me to go over key points that would make a difference in the meeting. She was dedicated to me and my search, I cannot express how excited I am to start my new career!”

-Jessika H. from Federal Way, WA


“She (Barb) took the time to get to know me and my resume, figure out my interests and what industries could work for me. Then she did the unthinkable: she got me interviews! She went over my initial contact with the companies and did a great job at advising me on how to tackle each interview.”

– Ryan K. from Seattle, WA


“She (Dana) was efficient and quick on her feet to match me with potential opportunities that would be a good fit for me and the company.  She was very selective of which positions she matched me up with, and that shows that she wanted to make a long term match (which will benefit both myself and the company).  I was contacted by an opportunity and Dana helped guide me through the process and gave me very useful advice to help me prepare for the next steps in the process.”

– Anh P. from Seattle, WA


They love the results of working with BTS!

 “After my initial meeting with Dana, she had scheduled an interview with this amazing company as soon as a week later! With her impeccable guidance and framing the best way to convey my skills to the employer, I got the job only a few days later.”

– Bobbie M. from Seattle, WA


“I am grateful to Business Talent Solutions and Connie for all their help as I am about to embark on my path to my new career, that I am very excited about. Thank you Connie for all your hard work and advice.”

-Rudo C. from Renton, WA


“Working with Laurel was one of the best experiences I have ever had in regards to searching for a career. I met with her at her downtown Seattle office for about 40 minutes where we had a very casual conversation about my education history, work history, and what exactly I was looking for in a position. Within the week, she had multiple interviews lined up and I was off to an interview for a company that was a perfect fit for me.”

-Tom E. from Seattle, WA


“After interviewing with Barb, I received a call the very next day and she had already set me up with an interview for that Friday! Not only that, but she had done her homework and really gotten to know both my background and career interests, so this job was definitely one I was interested in. She helped me prep for the interviews, which was very helpful and appreciated, and was always available whenever I had any additional questions. Well, guess what? I aced the first and second interviews, and one week later, I landed a dream job!”