When interviewing it is great to reflect your character to ensure a genuine fit. However, it is also important to put your most polished self forward to inspire confidence in your potential new employer. Here are the biggest communication blunders that can seriously distort your cultivated image.


Conversations Stallers. Umm, like, hmm, etc. These kind of space fillers erode your thoughtful answers by making you seem uncertain of yourself. Additionally- they can make you seem inarticulate and create uncertainty surrounding your abilities. To combat this establish some very specific examples of different work that you have done previously. Now, you don’t want to come off as rehearsed, having a few key examples can buy you time while you can speak intelligently.

Poor posture and handshakes. This plays into the idea of confidently portraying yourself. Practice a firm handshake and remember to sit up straight when engaging with your potential coworkers and supervisors. According to Albert Mehrabian’s Silent Messages– up to 55% of communication is body language alone. This is to say that even if your answers are exactly what your interviewer is looking for, they can be overpowered by poor body language.

Negative Language. You’re looking to change your working situation, so there’s obviously something that isn’t working for you. Illustrating this in detail for a perfect stranger won’t inspire them to hire you. In fact, it will more likely make you seem difficult to work with (even if your working conditions are entirely unreasonable). You want others to read you as agreeable and able to maintain productivity within a less than ideal situation.

Forgetting to Follow Up. Making sure that you close the circle can make you stand out as an outstanding candidate. The ability to address concerns, appreciate their time, and remind them of your candidacy is a fantastic opportunity. By demonstrating your ability to complete tasks and report appropriately will set the tone for the interviewers to more seriously consider you and your qualifications.