Those with more flexible work schedules face a difficult decision: should I get to work early and leave early, or is it more beneficial to arrive later in the morning and stay late? While there isn’t a clear or correct answer to this question, there are many benefits to resisting the urge to hit the snooze button and getting an earlier start to your workday.

The following are just a few of the ways that getting up and getting into the office early is beneficial both personally and professionally.


  1. Shorter Commute Time


By making the decision to start your work day earlier, you are setting yourself up for a shorter commute. Leaving just 30 minutes earlier may make the difference between spending an hour or half an hour in traffic. Spend that extra time preparing for your day and getting ahead on tasks instead of sitting in your car and wishing that you had woken up earlier.


  1. Limited Distractions


Mornings tend to be the quietest time of day in a typical office setting. If there are other employees arriving early, they either share your goal of getting work done with limited distractions or they haven’t had their morning coffee yet and won’t be interrupting you until the caffeine kicks in. Either way, you are less likely to be bothered and more likely to focus on your work without the distractions that you usually encounter later in the day.


  1. Time to Warm Up


If you are running a race, do you show up early to stretch and warm up? Of course, because the end result will be a better race. Similarly, arriving early will help you to have a more productive workday. Use the extra time in the morning to “warm up” by checking your emails, making your to do list for the day, etc. By the time that business hours officially start, you will be warmed up and ready to work on meaningful tasks.


  1. Improve Work/Life Balance


Although we know how important a successful work/life balance is, it is not always easy to accomplish. If you are struggling to find a balance, getting ahead of your workload at the beginning of the day can help. Starting early allows you to take time in the evenings to go to your child’s soccer game, niece’s dance recital, or make it in time for happy hour with friends.


The next time that you are tempted to hit the snooze button in favor of sleeping in, think about these reasons to roll out of bed and make the effort to start the workday bright and early.