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It’s no secret that the Seattle area is known for wet and rainy weather.  But in the summertime, the weather can change from rainy to sunny in less than an hour.  And when it is sunny, Seattleites are anxious to get outside and enjoy the warmth.  It can be hard to keep your employees engaged at work when all they want to do is catch some rays.  In fact, productivity drops 20 percent in the summertime according to a Captivate Network study.

So with the summertime blues causing everyone in the office to wish that they were enjoying the sunshine, here are a few ways to keep your employees engaged and excited about working for your company.

Community Service:

Not only will getting your employees engaged in a community service project get them outside to enjoy the summer weather, but it will also encourage them to work closely with their team members to accomplish a goal.  Programs like Alex’s Lemonade Stand, which raises money and awareness of childhood cancer causes, and Rebuilding Together, which gives back to members of the community through improving the safety and health of their homes, are perfect community service opportunities during the summer months.  It is important to choose a program that aligns with your company’s mission statement to get employees excited about working for a company that gives back.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand:

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Rebuilding Together:

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Team-Building Events:

One way to boost morale in the workplace is to host team-building events throughout the summer.  Consider taking your team out to a sporting event.  Both the Mariners and the Sounders are excellent options if you are in the Seattle area.  Another option is getting those endorphins pumping by inviting your team to run, walk or jog in a local 5k.  These team outings will help your team bond, which will make coming into work during the summer more bearable for your employees.

Include Family/Friends:

Scheduling a family BBQ or potluck can do wonders for the summertime blues.  The truth is that many employees want to be spending time with their friends and family this time of year, so hosting a fun event and including them can make employees feel like you understand their summertime slump and care enough to host fun events where they can spend time with their loved ones.


Never underestimate the power of a little friendly competition.  Hold weekly or monthly contests to motivate your team to keep working hard despite their desire to take off early and hit the beach.  Performance based incentives are always a good idea to keep employees on top of their game; however, it is also a good idea to initiate fun contests like office photo scavenger hunts.  These contests and incentives will keep employees engaged throughout the summertime.


Instead of succumbing to the summertime blues, why not embrace the season and use this time of year to remind your employees why they love working for your company.