Phone interviews are frequently a first step in the interview process. Companies often opt for an initial phone interview for screening of potential candidates. They’re trying to save time and catch any red flags before they bring you in. The phone conversations are, in most cases, your first contact with a company. It is crucial to not disregard the importance of this first impression.


Here are a few useful hints to help you put your best foot forward:

  • Work with your recruiter to set up either a specific time or window of time for the call. This will allow you to be fully prepared and avoid situations where you are unable to conduct an effective interview.
  • Make sure your phone is working well. If you’re using your cell make sure you are in a place with perfect reception.
  • Make sure your answering message is both courteous and professional.
  • Stand! You’ll be more energetic.
  • Be aware of potential distractions. Ask someone else to watch the kids, turn off the television and go someplace quiet.
  • Be fully prepared with your notes. Make sure you have information on the company, the position and yourself (your resume). That way it will be easier to come across as an organized and articulate interviewee.


A phone interview is a great way to sell yourself and find out more about the position. If all goes well, this is the opportune time to set up your face-to-face meeting. Have your calendar at hand so you can suggest dates that would be convenient for you.