A focus on potential interview questions is often the comprehensive research of job-seekers. However, refocusing your energies to not only thoughtfully answer potential questions but to use your interview to screen your potential employer will set you up for long-term success.

Being able to speak to your strengths and competencies is essential, but understanding how those will apply to the responsibilities within your new role will paint a more complete picture of how you will fit into it. It is beneficial to discuss your specific focus on the position at hand. By demonstrating your interest in the position and company your potential new employer can more easily envision you in this role. By utilizing typical questioning portions of interviews you will be able to seamlessly tie these two elements together.

We recommend preparing 3-5 questions to ask of your interviewer, and altering them to fit the flow of your interview and eliminate any redundancy. Casting a broad net and asking questions to cover the position, performance expectations, and responsibilities as well as the team, company, and overarching culture will help you evaluate the fit. Here is a list of some of the questions that we’ve found helpful:

1. What qualities and skills does your ideal candidate possess?

2. How would you describe your company’s culture? What do you value most about this?

3. How do you evaluate performance and success in this department?

4. What is the potential for growth in this position/in the past how have your employees developed?

5. Can you tell me about the team that I’ll be working with?

6. How does your team keep up with developments in the field?

7. Is there a typical day with this position, and if so what can I expect?

8. What makes this position and company unique?

9. Can you describe the work environment?

10. What are the initial 30/60/90 day goals for this position?

11. What are the long term goals of this position?

12.How quickly is your company growing?

13. What is the timeline for the hiring process? When can I expect to hear from you?

14. Can I answer any final questions for you?


Showcase your interest in their company, set yourself up for continued communication, and use this as an opportunity to evaluate your interest in the position for longevity and professional growth.