Seattle is notorious for its fluctuating weather, but lately it has been downright cold in the Emerald City. In addition to the cold weather making commutes more difficult, it also makes it harder to figure out what to wear to work. The outfits that you wear the rest of the year may no longer cut it, and finding ways to stay warm and professional can be difficult. So what do you do? My advice is to make your wardrobe a priority and resist the urge to trade in your slacks and blouses for leggings and casual sweaters this season; after all, the cold weather shouldn’t stop you from presenting yourself as a professional. The following tips will help you to stay warm AND professional this time of year.

Be Discreet
One way to combat the cold weather without drastically changing your wardrobe is to utilize discreet layers. Try layering tights or leggings under your pants or a light but warm shirt under your normal work attire. Discreet layers are also useful with Seattle’s ever changing weather where one minute it is freezing and the next it is sunny. When you opt for discrete layers, it is easy to change out of them during a break if you find that you are too warm, and your coworkers won’t even notice!
Sweaters and Cardigans and Blazers, Oh My!
If being discreet isn’t your thing, and you are ready to embrace cold weather fashion for the workplace, start by incorporating pieces like sweaters, cardigans and blazers into your daily wardrobe. There are so many options to choose from, but my personal favorite is to layer a blouse with a sweater for a professional but warm look. If you are one of those people who is constantly cold, you can take that look one step further by adding a blazer. A blazer over a sweater is the perfect way to layer, and if you get warm throughout the day you can simply shed the blazer and still look professional.



Avoid Michelin Man Outerwear
One of my favorite parts of dressing for winter is buying outerwear. Although I love a puffy coat on a cold winter day, if you want to go for a more professional look a wool coat is a great option. Layering a wool coat over a sweater keeps you warm during your commute and on the street while staying sharp and professional.


winter-wardrobe-4 winter-wardrobe-5


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Even though they are the last thing that you put on before you leave for work, your shoes should not be an afterthought when constructing your winter wardrobe.  My advice is to trade in your heels and shoes without traction for some stylish boots this season.  Although some boots or booties can replace your normal shoes, if you are set on wearing heels at work, consider wearing a pair of commuter shoes and changing when you get to work to avoid slips and falls.




Complete Your Outfit

One part of dressing for winter that I love is the accessories!  Scarfs, hats and gloves are all great ways to add some personality to your outfit and there’s nothing like a good scarf to keep you warm on the go and in the office!  Pair that with a set of driving gloves, and you are winter ready!

winter-wardrove-9 winter-wardrobe-8

As you can see, this cold winter weather should not stop you from keeping your work attire professional.  Use these tips to help you make it to spring!