Far too many times I’ve found myself stuck in bumper to bumper traffic cursing Google maps for suggesting that my route would only take 15 minutes. This is especially bad when en-route to the interview for your next dream job.

seattle traffic

Here’s how Business Talent Solutions breaks down and plans for interview travel.

Plan Ahead 

This is a pretty obvious one. But really, have your clothes picked out the night before and make sure they’re ironed and ready to go. It is one thing to have an outfit in mind, but it is another to make sure that it is clean and ready to go. This keeps you stress free and adequately prepped to make a good impression. It is much easier to put your best foot forward when you’re not swapping your shoes in the parking lot. You also need to make sure to have your resume and references printed and ready to go- as well as have a full stomach. It is really embarrassing to show up empty handed with your stomach growling- it will make you memorable for all of the wrong reasons.

Double your estimated commute time 

You’ll inevitably take a wrong turn, hit a full parking garage, and misplace your keys. You’re not going to be making a fabulous impression when you’re trying to catch your breath because you had to run to make it to your interviewer in time. If you’re taking public transit- allow yourself two options in case a bus is late or gets stuck in traffic. A great trick that we advise using it to look up your destination on Google Earth- you can look at landmarks so that you’ll have a good idea of where your destination is when you actually need to be there.

Take a Test-Run 

IF you can- travel to your interview destination. It would be great to know that the building is located on a one-way street beforehand. Additionally, you can scout the front entrance and you’ll be able to plan your parking. This will save you a great deal of time and stress. On your way home make sure to fill your gas tank, it will be one less thing to worry about the next day.

Show Up Early 

Give yourself and your interviewer 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time so that you have a buffer for things to go wrong. Take the wrong elevator? Not a problem- you still have 8 minutes. Your interviewer double booked herself? It is fine- she’ll meet you now.

Be Charged

Have your cell phone charged and be ready to look up alternate routes, call an uber, or to contact your interviewer if something unavoidable goes wrong. Just make sure to turn your phone off as soon as you get into the building.