School’s Out Forever, Now What?

As summer draws nearer, I find myself humming the infamous song by Alice Cooper, “School’s Out”.  For many students this song embodies the relief that tests are done and a break from studies is on the horizon.  However, this song takes on a whole new meaning for recent college grads.  If you have recently graduated, you may find yourself starting to panic when you hear the line in the song, “school’s out forever”.

schools out

Although the thought of starting a career instead of returning to school in the fall may feel overwhelming, there are many ways in which you can be proactive in searching for your first job out of college.


Refresh Your Resume

Now that you have graduated and are ready to start your career, it is time to update that resume.  Not only will you want to add that you have officially received your diploma, but you will want to make sure to include any skills that you have gained throughout your time at college.  Did you hold a position in a club or organization?  If so, you were developing communication skills, learning to collaborate and meet deadlines.  All of these are important skills to highlight on your resume.  It’s also important to prepare different versions of your resume that highlight key skills, abilities and experiences that are applicable to different career paths.

Start Your Search ASAP

Even though it is tempting to enjoy one last summer vacation before you officially enter the real world, employers aren’t waiting until fall to start hiring.  Companies will be looking for applicants who are eager to start their careers and take the initiative to start work immediately after graduation. After all, how many times have you heard that the early bird catches the worm?


Don’t Limit Yourself

Chances are that you are anxious to get a job where you can directly utilize the degree that you earned through countless hours of studying and a mountain of student loans.  Even though it is tempting to only search for those jobs, you may find better luck if you widen your search to include different positions in your chosen field.  You may also find success in applying for jobs that require that require a similar skill set even though it may not be directly linked to your degree.

Keep Applying

You may not get the first job that you interview for, but that simply means that it was not the right fit for you.  Make notes after each interview of what went well and what you can improve on, that way even if you don’t get the job it was still an opportunity to perfect your interviewing skills.


Although your college career has come to an end and “school’s out forever”, the song “School’s Out” doesn’t have to send you into a panic as long as you are proactive about starting your career search.