While listening to a group of friends swap dating war stories and commiserate about the ups and downs of trying to find their “perfect match”, I came to an unexpected conclusion. I concluded that dating and finding a job have several striking similarities. While I was surprised by this realization, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the two are alike since the end goal for each is to find a match that will lead to happiness.

Although there are many, here are six similarities that I have found between the two. Take note: if you have had dating success in the past, you may be able to use some of your experiences to improve your chances of finding a job (and vice versa).


  1. Utilizing Resources

Whether you are dating or just starting your job search, networking and matching programs are resources that can be utilized to find the perfect match. While eharmony.com and match.com are widely known resources used to find a love connection in your area, companies like Business Talent Solutions are available to assist in matching you with a professional opportunity that will further your career.

  1. Social Media Stalking

If you are being set up on a date, the new norm is to “stalk” your potential love match on social media before even meeting. Similarly, job candidates and employers are now going into interviews with the expectation that the person sitting across from them has already done their social media research, making it necessary for both to keep their social media profiles up to date and appropriate.

  1. Making a Good First Impression

When it comes to dating and interviews, first impressions are typically lasting impressions that can make or break your chances of a second date or a second interview. To make the first impression your best impression, go beyond dressing for success and come prepared with knowledge about the company and questions to ask that will demonstrate your knowledge about the industry and the position you are applying for. Having these topics to discuss will keep the conversation fluid and help you to avoid those dreaded awkward silences.

  1. Considering the Intangibles

Most of us have experienced a date with someone who is great… on paper. But when we actually sit down and try to have a conversation, there is an intangible quality missing. It is important to pay attention to these intangibles during an interview as well so that you don’t accept a job offer with a company that is not the right fit for you simply because they look good on paper. When you go on an interview, take note of the amount of coworkers working collaboratively, if the mood in the office feels positive and if the culture would be a good fit for you.

  1. The Waiting Game

Just like dating, you don’t want to appear too needy, so it is best to avoid texting or calling immediately after you leave your interview to ask if you got the job. While it is natural to keep your phone near you for the next few days in either instance, don’t let it stop you from continuing your search. Waiting for a follow up call from a date or an employer can make you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster, and it is important to know when to get off and move on. Follow the lead of the 66% of job seekers polled by CareerBuilder who wait no more than two weeks for a call back before setting their sights on other job opportunities.

  1. Moving Forward

No matter how amazing a first date or an initial interview is, there’s always a chance that you weren’t the right match. Ideally, you will receive a call, email or text explaining why they weren’t feeling that spark, but more often than not you won’t hear from them at all. Don’t waste time by dwelling on what could have been; instead, focus on the areas you can improve on and move forward. If you do get a call back, make sure that you start laying the groundwork for a positive relationship by building trust, communicating openly and showing them why they made the best choice by choosing you.


Just remember, while there are similarities, your dating success is not an indicator of your ability to find success in your professional life!