Here in Seattle we can be proud to say that our city hosts game-changers and household named like Microsoft, Amazon, and Costco. However, we are fortunate to work with local businesses every day- and have the unique privilege to experience the fact that Seattle is among the top cities supporting small-business development. Washington State currently ranks no. 2 nationwide in small business job creation (source). To celebrate and support small-business week we put together a list of some of our Seattle favorites.

1. La Panier

photo from

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Pike Place is a tourist cliché, but for good reason, there are gems one after another. One of our favorites is the Le Panier, right in the center of the marketplace. It is an authentic French bakery, with lines out the door- but the A la Suisse is to die for.

2. Bag, Borrow, or Steal

seattle bag

We love this online retailer for their Seattle roots and inventive business premise. This retailer allow you to rent, purchase, or sell designer accessories. Perfect for shaking up your wardrobe, making a great impression, or for all of those summer time events coming up (hello, wedding season).


3. The London Plane

seattle flowers

The London Plane is awesome because we’re not exactly sure what it is. Is it a restaurant? A deli? A florist? It is a little bit of everything- they’ve got great coffee and the absolute best flowers in the city. The arrangements are elegant and they’re sourced locally. There’s nothing better than business supporting business.

4. Archie McPhee


Originally and LA-based mail-order business, Archie McPhee laid roots in Seattle in 1983. With a storefront in Wallingford the company supplies Seattleites with everything novelty from chicken suits to cupcake flavored dental floss.

5. Pet Hub


As animals lovers we are all about this company. Founder Tom Arnold has digitalized the process of finding lost pets. They have an unparalleled success rate- and most animals find their homes within 4 hours.

6. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese


Everything is better with a little bit of cheese. Beecher’s makes the highest quality cheeses- so it is no wonder that they make our list. Their “World’s Best Mac & Cheese” really is the best and it is the perfect cheat-day meal.


The Pacific Northwest has a fun and laid-back culture- which is something that our small businesses and startups greatly reflect. This is incredible when it comes to work culture- but it can be cumbersome when searching for exceptional talent to join your team without the developed HR departments of our local business giants. Outside resources, like our services, can be a great opportunity to find equal footing with these corporate giants in a market with a rapidly shrinking unemployment rate (down to 5.9%). We can help you to strategically expand and bring in the right talent to achieve your long-term goals.