Are you tired of the same in-office team building activities?

Are you looking for something new to build a sense of comradery among coworkers this summer?

Are you ready to take the team out of the office for an adventure?


Team building is an essential tool that can boost morale, encourage collaboration and communication among coworkers, build trust, and ultimately improve both office productivity and culture. As such, it is necessary to keep your employees excited and engaged in these activities. Since employees aren’t typically thrilled with the idea of an in-office activity (think trust falls), try one of the following local team building opportunities that will take your team out of the building this summer.


  1. Attend a Sporting Event


You don’t have to look far for an opportunity for your work team to support an athletic team this summer. Come together to cheer on a Seattle favorite like the Mariners or the Sounders, or support the athletes competing in the Special Olympics USA which is taking place in Seattle this July!


  1. Experience an Escape Room

Escape rooms are a growing trend in the Seattle area, and are a unique way to build team cohesion. If you haven’t heard of an escape room experience- your team is “locked” in a room and needs to use puzzles and clues that are located in the room, within a certain time frame, to be “let free”. As you work together to solve a puzzle, you will see leaders emerge and delegate tasks, coworkers display previously unknown skills, and your entire team working together to reach a common goal. The hope is that they then bring those problem-solving skills and collaboration back into the office!

If you are looking for a reputable escape room in the Seattle area, check out



  1. Support a Local Cause


Find something that your team is passionate about and utilize their interests to give back to the community. Do you have a team full of animal lovers? Sign up to walk, run or simply support those participating in the Seattle Animal Shelter’s Furry 5k ( ) ! Do you love your city, but wish that the streets were a little cleaner? Work as a team to clean up your community through Adopt-a-Street ( ). The opportunities are endless and can have a meaningful impact on your community and your team.


  1. Explore Seattle


Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids! Get your team signed up for a city-wide scavenger hunt through a company like CityHUNT, and prepare to communicate, collaborate, and have fun exploring Seattle! While this activity is perfect for any team, it is especially helpful for teams that have members who are new to the area!


As you are choosing team building activities for this summer, consider your employees’ interests and the opportunities available throughout Seattle.