With an increasing amount of our productivity done on mobile devices the BTS team has narrowed down our favorite apps for job hunting.

business phone

  1. Indeed

Indeed is free! And we’ve noticed a huge trend of more reputable companies with better follow through posting their positions on Indeed.  You can save your resume to Indeed and instantly apply to any job that catches your eye.

  1. Job Search Engine by LinkUp.Com

This App is great because it acts as a search engine for jobs that are only listed on employer websites. This is especially effective for specialty positions and industries.

  1. JobAware Lite

JobAware Lite is the free version of this app that lets you pinpoint your job search to specific geographic locations using your mobile device’s GPS function. This is especially great because it gives you a very realistic idea of commute.

  1. LinkedIn Mobile

The cornerstone of your professional web presence should be on hand at all times. Keep your LinkedIn Profile up to date, splurge on premium to connect with local headhunters and be quick to respond.

  1. Jibber Jobber

This is a great tool for organizing your job search. It lets you track the different places that you’ve applied and the person of contact. This can be helpful after you’ve sent to dozens of resumes to keep companies and positions clear- that way you can do your best research to prep for the interviews that you snag.

  1. GigWalk

If you’re in a pinch between jobs, temping can be a great way to pay your bills without committing to something that isn’t a great fit for you. This app helps you find temporary gigs and allows employers to review your work, to make you seem more appealing to other people looking for temps.

Casting a broad net in your job search is a great way to find the right fit for yourself, but it can quickly become overwhelming or disorganized- hopefully some of these apps can help combat that.