Over the past week, I have heard both friends and acquaintances discuss how unhappy they are in their current positions, yet they refuse to leave because they don’t want to quit their job until the holiday season is over. My first thought was that they should just resign now; after all, there’s no ideal time to quit. After some discussion and reflection, I began to realize that giving yourself time before quitting is absolutely necessary.

If you are currently unhappy with your job, consider the benefits of the following before you resign.


Time to resolve issues… If an argument or a difference of opinion is the catalyst for you wanting to leave, taking time to resolve those issues may actually deter you from quitting. Even if you do not change your mind, you will be able to leave with the peace of mind that you made every attempt to make it work.

Time to find a new job… The best time to leave a job is when you have your next employment opportunity lined up. As such, make sure to give yourself adequate time to decide on your next career move, apply for jobs and go on interviews. Landing a new job may not be as easy as you anticipate, and the loss of an income around the holidays is sure to cause stress.

Time to finish projects… Give yourself time to tie up any loose ends before you give your notice, and leave your coworkers and employer with a positive impression of your dedication and professionalism. Even if you aren’t leaving on the best of terms, you don’t want to leave your team scrambling to complete your unfinished work once you leave.

Time to talk to your employer… Sit down and have a discussion with your employer before you quit. Talking to them about your grievances may leave you surprised with the results. If you are unhappy and wanting to leave due to limited advancement opportunities, they may be able to help you to find more responsibilities within your position. Similarly, if you are looking for a career change, they may be able to find you employment in a different area within the same company.

Time to enjoy family… Deciding to quit is especially difficult around the holiday season. Instead of spending this time stressing about your next career move and worrying about your income, spend time with your friends and family.


If you are considering leaving your current position, allow yourself the time to evaluate your options and make a choice that will benefit you and your career (even if that means waiting until after the holidays).