According to Dayna Steele there are some simple ways to keep your employees happy.

“Your employees need opportunities to grow. Encourage employees to set and reach personal goals. If career promotion is impossible, make employees feel more empowered by supporting their personal development outside of work.

Build and curate a positive community of team players. Lack of appreciation and belonging are among the top drivers of turnover. For many employees the social aspect of their work is just as important as what they do. Hire for fit and help new employees integrate into the work social network faster by directly connecting them to more experienced employees for mentorship.

Teach your employees to manage stress. Your employees are more likely to quit if they have been enduring stressful working conditions over prolonged periods of time. Introducing and practicing simple stress management techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing or exercises, can make a big difference.

Create a culture of personal accountability. Set peer accountability partners, create interdependencies that will help your employees understand where and when they need to improve. Then, give them the tools to do it.

Don’t tell your employees that you care about them: show it! Most employees can read your true intentions.”

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