Determining if you have the education and skills necessary to fill an open position seems easy compared to determining if you will mesh well with the culture of a company. After all, job roles and responsibilities are laid out in black and white, while company culture is a collection of intangible elements that form a company’s personality. Since it can be difficult to pinpoint these elements based on the limited interactions that you have during the interview process, conducting further research is often necessary. In addition to Googling their mission statement, delve into the benefits they offer if you are finding it difficult to accept a job offer due to your lack of knowledge about their culture. Pay special attention to fringe benefits, like the ones listed below, and use them to decipher what values and ethics comprise a company’s culture.


Dog Friendly Workplace

Bringing Fido to work is now a benefit that many job seekers take into consideration when deciding if they are going to accept a job offer. After finding out that the percentage of companies allowing dogs in the workplace has recently grown to 7% (The Society of Human Resource Management), I started to question what role animals have in a company’s culture. Along with creating a relaxed vibe in the workplace, welcoming dogs to come to work in any capacity has been known to improve employee satisfaction by reducing stress levels and encouraging positive interactions between coworkers (if implemented correctly).


Parental Leave

Even if you don’t currently have children, and don’t plan on any in the immediate future, take a look at a company’s parental leave benefits before accepting a job offer. Parental leave benefits can serve as an indicator of how family oriented a company is. Companies that go above and beyond to accommodate new parents have a culture that encourages a healthy work/life balance and are more likely to understand the need to take time off should a family emergency occur.


Option to Work Remotely

Working remotely is a highly sought after benefit by job seekers, and it’s no wonder since it often signifies a company’s flexibility and faith in their employees. Not only does the option to work outside of the traditional cubicle setting show a willingness to allow employees to complete tasks and projects in an environment that best suits their needs, but it also reflects the amount of trust that they place in their employees’ ability to remain productive without constant supervision.


Gym Memberships

Companies that provide an on-site gym or pay for employees’ gym memberships are companies that value the health and wellness of their employees both in and out of the office. The culture of a company that offers this benefit is one that recognizes the importance of fitness when raising team morale, increasing productivity, and lowering health care costs for the company.


Transportation Options

Whether you live in the city or the burbs, transportation plays an important role in overall job satisfaction. Offering employees transportation options, such as company subsidized Orca cards, demonstrates that they are both environmentally conscious and have taken their employees’ needs into consideration. The culture of a company that takes your commute into consideration, is one that respects your time away from the office and the necessity to establish a healthy work/life balance.


The benefits highlighted above go beyond medical, dental, 401k, PTO, and other more traditional benefits, making them perfect windows into a company’s culture. Use these examples to decipher if your values and ethics will be a good match for any company that you are interested in working for.