Formerly known as Secretaries Day, Administrative Professional’s Day has become a time for the workforce to acknowledge and show gratitude for that special someone that keeps the office running smoothly day in and day out. As Wednesday, April 25th approaches you may be debating between flowers, chocolates, lunch at their favorite restaurant or maybe a nice card with a heartfelt note inside. Although all of these options demonstrate your appreciation, the question remains: What do administrative professionals really want?

The answer is simple- respect. Contrary to popular belief, the title of administrative professional encompasses more than answering phones and making copies. While the job description varies across industries, it often requires excellent organizational, interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and coordination skills. Given all that they do, it’s time to give administrative professionals what they really want!


Reminders: Instead of limiting your gratitude to one day of the year, remind administrative professionals that you appreciate them year-round. Remind them of specific ways that they add value to the team, and how much you appreciate all of their contributions.

Effort: Put in the effort to get to know the administrative professional in your office, even if you don’t work directly with them. This effort will translate to a positive work relationship and will ensure that they feel like a part of the team.

Solidarity: Being the office administrator is no easy task, and unlike other positions, it is often a one-person show. Show solidarity by asking them about their day, letting them discuss the highs and lows of their position and show them that you are in their corner.

Pay: If you are a manager, make sure that your administrative professional receives pay that accurately represents all of the functions that they perform. Nothing says “I appreciate you” like receiving a fair wage!

Efficiency: Administrative professionals often strive to create a productive and efficient workplace. As such, an excellent way to express your gratitude for their efforts is to maintain a high level of efficiency yourself.

Collaboration: Rather than excluding administrative professionals from discussions and decisions, show them that you value their knowledge, opinions, and observations by collaborating with them.

Thank you: It’s the simple things in life that often mean the most. Saying “thank you” regularly often carries more meaning than a bouquet on their desk once a year.