Move over millennials, the next generation is starting to enter the workforce! Although there are many different names being used for the babies that were born between 1995 and 2012- Post-Millennials, Generation Z, and iGeneration- they all represent the same group of young adults that are currently starting to graduate college and seek employment. With sources like Get Ready for Generation Z estimating that by 2020 this post millennial generation will make up 20% of the workforce, knowing what they can bring to your team is crucial.

Of course, only time will tell what reputation this group of young adults will earn, but here is what we know so far:


True Digital Natives

Unlike the generations before them, Generation Z was born into a world of technology; as a result, theirs is the most technologically savvy generation yet. Adapting to new technology is more intuitive for these “digital natives” and learning new programs and technology is practically second nature.

Multitasking Experts

This tech savvy generation is also known for their multitasking skills. Just take a look around the next time that you are out running errands. Chances are that you will witness young adults who are successfully holding a conversation while checking texts, social media or email. This generation is accustomed to multitasking and is able to shift between their phone, tablets, and face to face conversations with ease.

Strong Work Ethic

While Millennials earned an unfavorable reputation and have often been referred to as entitled and lazy, a study from Get Ready for Generation Z reports that 77% of Generation Z anticipates working harder than previous generations. The hope is that this new group entering the workforce is learning from their predecessor’s mistakes and are going to fight to avoid the negative stereotypes associated with Millennials.

Willing to Self-Educate

Growing up with platforms such as Pinterest and YouTube at their fingertips, this generation is known for their efforts to self-educate. When they have a question or a problem to solve, they are more likely to research it online and attempt to solve the issue themselves before reaching out for assistance from others.


After the discouraging reputation that Millennials developed, there are high hopes for this new group of young adults graduating and entering the workforce.