There are a wide variety of recruiting agencies with many different objectives. Around the holiday season you will commonly see temporary agencies. No model is better than the other- they just exist to serve different purposes. Business Talent Solutions only works with direct-hire positions.


We thought it might be valuable to take a moment to debrief our operations to explain more thoroughly how our service works for potential candidates.

Business Talent Solutions is a regrouping of a senior recruiting team that has worked exclusively in direct-hire placement in the Seattle area for over 25 years. They are a resource for many different companies throughout the Puget Sound- scouting and recruiting high-level candidates for a myriad of operations and business positions.

The unique caveat of direct hire recruiting is that unlike many temporary recruiters- if placed through Business Talent Solutions you will never have a contract with us. You will immediately become a full-time, regular employee of the company that hires you. This is advantageous for many reasons- it means that you don’t have to worry about erratic contact timelines, you don’t have confusion with who you report to (the place where you work versus the agency that is paying you), and you are in the same position as many of your coworkers and can better relate to the training and career course at the business you are working with.

A large misconception regarding recruiting firms is that there are hidden costs to applicants. In the case of most recruiting firms (specifically Business Talent Solutions) applicants are not charged fees and the fee associated with your fee is not connected to your final salary. We have a client-based fee- which means that the companies we work with cover all fees associated with our services. We offer a valuable service and specialize in finding the right fit- both for employers and for candidates leading to efficient staffing and long-term stability.

In finding a recruiting agency to represent you- you should feel free to ask questions and your recruiters should have answers readily available. They should know details about the positions and employers (ie: the responsibilities of the position, the general office culture, and opportunity potential within the position), the fees associated with the hire, and any other specifics relevant to the position.